Digital Entrepreneurship creating new ventures or transforming existing business by new digital technologies and processes. Digital Enterprises are characterized by a high strength of use of new digital technologies (particularly social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions) to improve business operations, invent new (digital) business models, sharpen business intelligence, and engage with customers and stakeholders through new (digital) channels. Consequently, we are in an era where initiatives across the globe to foster the acceleration of digital entrepreneurial activity related with the creation and development of 'digital start-ups' , and more recently with their growth to scaling-up phases is on its peak. The right Platform with the right process and people mix coupled with right technology is the mantra for success.

The conference theme was chosen after due deliberation from experts and after the first successful completion of Digital Entrepreneurship conference in April 2018 which culminated with the idea of promoting the theme every year by providing the platform for young entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers. Theme of the Conference

This conference intends to supplement the research and practice prospects on issues related to Platform, Process, People and Technology related to digital entrepreneur across the world. The conference proposes to bring together leading entrepreneurship thinkers, researchers and practitioners across the world for two days of presentations and dialogue. Acknowledging the fact that the world is moving towards digital start-ups this time our focus would be on the discussions on the choice of platform, the processes involved, people issues coupled with all pervasive technological issues. The insights and analyses presented in this conference are expected to provide guidance for future deliberations and set the agenda for digital entrepreneurship research, enterprise development, and policy formulation in this domain.

Conference Objectives

Objectives of this conference are to:

Provide a platform for diverse range of leading stakeholders to present their visions, research results, experiences and opinions,; Create an international community for digital entrepreneurship research to understand: what works where, when, how and why, and what does not; Link entrepreneurship with sustainability and understand if and how sustainable entrepreneurial practices and processes can find a place in this new digital landscape; Produce policy, program, and institutional recommendations which will encourage innovations in digital entrepreneurial research and practice; and Disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible among communities of academic researchers and entrepreneurs globally.

Call for Papers

Academicians, thought leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and research scholars, students, practitioners and social activists from all around the globe are invited to submit their papers, posters, case studies, and success stories and stories of firsthand entrepreneurial experience. Those who wish to make presentations related to the conference theme are also welcome.

Presenters are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts and paradigms for discussions. Papers and case studies should be based on original, recent research. The posters presenters should present their research ideas, propositions or ongoing projects in digital entrepreneurship. The papers should address the conference theme as well as the following subthemes. Limited number of scholarships (Travel Grants and Fee Wavers) are available for research scholars and students.